Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just Had To Share

We arrived home from errands today and found a box from (Note: I've decided that Amazon GC's are the BEST THING EVER and that's all I want for a gift from now on. Seriously.) sitting in front of the garage. I'd purchased four books for me and two -- secretly -- for DD.

I opened the box and tip-toed over to her with them behind my back and then "ta-da!" handed them over. She grabbed, said "THANKS!!" several times and ran for the stairs where she promptly sat down with them and flipped them open, burying her face inside one and inhaling deeply.

Then she said, "I just love the smell of books!".

Oh yeah. I'm raising her right! LOL...

1 comment:

Tori Lennox said...

Gift cards/certificates are the greatest things, aren't they? I love them!

And, yes, you're definitely raising your daughter right. :)