Friday, March 02, 2007

Free Association Friday

“The last stroke of midnight dies.
All day in the one chair
From dream to dream and rhyme to rhyme I have ranged
In rambling talk with an image of air:
Vague memories, nothing but memories.”
- William Butler Yeats

I was going to do another meme because this week has been rough and my brain just does not want to work (for instance, it took me three tries to write the word "work"... it kept coming out "wrok").

Instead, I think I'll simply ramble a bit. Feel free to tune out now if you'd like.

First off, I'll just say: America is utterly tone deaf. Yes, I'm talking about American Idol. Seriously, what were people thinking when they voted for the guys???? They sent home two of the better guys and left some of the lamest ones there. It's clear that the women have the advantage this year -- there are some amazing vocal chords in the female side!! -- but still, it's like people don't want the guys to have a chance. If I could stay up late enough to actually watch the show, I'd add my vote, but when the show is two hours (or ninety minutes, like this week), I can't keep my eyes open.

OTOH, American Idol is so amazingly padded with commercials, that I'm kind of glad I TiVo it. I'm fairly certain that there are more commercials than show.

And, I liked Kelly Pickler last year, and her song "Red High Heels" was cute... but what was up with her hair last night? Not the length, the style... Ugh. It was awful.

It's snowing here (no, I can't think of a logical segue, sorry). My DH is gone for the next two days at the "snodeo". This leaves me with the job of cleaning up our driveway. Oh. Joy. Thankfully, he did fix the snowblower last night before he left, so I won't have to shovel but they're expecting anywhere from 12 - 15 inches with this storm, so it's still going to be a chore. Can't. Wait.

Poor DD doesn't get snow days because she's homeschooled. In fact, we're more likely to take off on a nice day than a yucky one. I got a chuckle from this post at the Debutante Ball yesterday, when Deb Mia wrote this:

Six-Year Old Daughter: “Do I have to do my math? Math is boring. So is English. Do we have to do homeschool today?”

Me (still bent over the computer, blogging or grogging or whatever it is I do): “Nah. Go watch some TV. And take your baby brother. And get both of you a snack. And get me one too, while you’re at it.”
I have so had those days.

Tonight DD and I are planning a girls movie night. I'll paint her nails (and toe nails, of course) and we'll pop popcorn and watch a movie of her choice (I think it's going to be "An American Tail", but that may change). She's so excited because we don't typically do things at night. Normally, we're waiting for Daddy to get home. He has a low tolerance for animated classics (unless they're the Pink Panther, in which case he'll sit and belly laugh).

As far as writing goes, I have finally figured out what I want to do with a problem that's been bothering me in the WIP I'm editing right now. I just have to fix the scene to change Lucia's motivation for what she does. It's HARD, because that scene (as it is) lives in my mind and I need to get past that.

In any case, I'm going to sign off now. I've bored y'all enough and the shallow well of my mind is dry. Have a happy Friday!


anno said...

Back when we were homeschooling, I always enjoyed snowdays because those were days we could actually homeschool. I hope that, after shoveling that driveway, you get to relax and enjoy a peaceful day... maybe have a snack with that movie tonight?

Charity said...

We're digging out here too. 18 inches, at least! Andrew finally got his snow day.

Take it easy at some point today. Enjoy girls' night in. (Kyra and I call this "girls together".)

Tori Lennox said...

I had to go read the site for the snodeo. It wasn't nearly as amusing as I'd hoped it would be. *g* I had this mental picture of cowboys on snowmobiles roping cattle, etc.