Friday, August 07, 2009

Meet Chuck.

Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for every dilemma. ~Hendrik Willem van Loon

However... in this case I couldn't find a quote (or "epigram") to use for today's post. *G*

Something has been eating my SILs garden, especially her lettuce and other greens (including the marigolds that are supposed to help keep pests away!). She thought it was chipmunks, but the other day she saw a critter run across her lawn and had her answer. Yesterday, she put out a trap and lookie what she caught -- Meet Chuck:

Isn't he CUTE? He's actually Chuck #2 -- she caught and released another woodchuck two years ago. Here's C2 asking, "Please, would you mind getting the door?"

We took him to some conservation land around a nearby lake and released him. And, hopefully that will be the end of her problems.

I'm telling you... it's amazing to me that he settlers who came here originally survived. It's amazing the amount of pests we've fought this year.


Bet I made my neighbors REALLY nervous yesterday. I went down to the end of our road and took pictures of the damage. I imagine they think I'm using it to report them (I wish it would work -- note to all of y'all who suggested we report them to the police. We have, several times, and it does no good. The coppers come down, give them a verbal warning and go away. We've finally given up.), but I was only taking the pix to share with you. *G*

One set of tracks through the loop:

You can't tell from this picture, but one friend of the family took their full-sized Chevy that was lifted into near Monster Truck capacity down this hill to tromp in the mud pit below and then had trouble getting out -- clearly spun his tires to the point there are two ditches right at the edge of the road that are a good 12" deep. When do you suppose the road will start crumbling at the edges?

And another set of tracks:

If I had the money, I'd import some HUGE boulders and circle this area so they couldn't use it. They'd still use their bikes and ATVs, but hopefully it would keep them behind their own house.


Yesterday, I typed up my longhand notes from last night and then took the notepad back to bed with me. It's my new best friend. If I can get 500 words a night (about what I did the first night), I'll be a happy camper.


DH's boat trailer is broken -- the carpet covered board that cradles the boat snapped on their last trip. So, all boating plans for this weekend (which promises to be lovely) have been suspended until DH figure out how to get it fixed. The problem isn't the actual fixing, it's finding a place to put the boat while he fixes it!

So... I suspect it's going to be a long weekend...

Do you have any plans?



Dru said...

oh man, look at what they did. Idiots!

I'm glad Chuck is in a new place not causing damage to your SIL's garden.

Bummer about your weekend, I know how you like their boating weekend.

I have no immediate plans for the weekend. We're supposed to get rain and thunderstorms.

Have a great Friday.

MomJane said...

No plans, as usual. I just play it by ear. Weather is supposed to be warming up, but no triple digits until next week. That helps.

Glad she caught "Chuck".

Maria Zannini said...

I hope letting your neighbors see you taking pictures scares them straight. That's just rude and unneighborly.

One thing I think I did right was throwing that recent party and inviting the neighbors. It's hard to race across a neighbor's yard after she's fed you. I noticed even the neighborhood teenagers (who were also invited) wave at me now when they see me.

Ref: this weekend
I am canning. Not my favorite activity--especially when I have to do it alone.

Melissa McClone said...

I hope Chuck enjoys his new home.

Those tracks are horrible. With physical evidence, you still don't think the police would do something?

Brandy said...

Awww, Chuck is cute for something so destructive. *G* Glad he has a new home now. Your neighbors are idiots! I hope they stop ruining the soil soon. WTG on the longhand writing!

I hope you have a fascinating day!

Tori Lennox said...

A ninja needs to toss a bunch of caltrops out there the next time the idiots decide to race their ATVs.

Chuck is so cute! I'm glad he's a nice new home.

groovyoldlady said...

Well, according to Facebook my redneck name is Cletus. I ain't none too smart, but I'm tough (and I have ears that stick out). Lemme at them renegades and I'll show 'em a thing er two!

Anonymous said...

Chuck is cute.

Your neighbors are def idiots!

Good luck with the boat repairs.