Sunday, February 01, 2009

The "R" and What To Do With It

"You must want to enough. Enough to take all the rejections, enough to pay the price of disappointment and discouragement while you are learning. Like any other artist you must learn your craft—then you can add all the genius you like." - Phyllis A. Whitney

I heard back from Womans World yesterday... finally... and it was a rejection. This time, I didn't even get a note. I DID get their new submissions guidelines (and it may be part of why I was rejected) -- their short romance stories now must be 800 words.

Eight. Hundred. Words.

When I first started trying to write for them, their word count was 1,100. Then it went to 1,000. Then 900. Dear heavens to betsy, no wonder some of the stories are so inane.

In any case (and, I know I've said it before), I think I'm done trying to write for them. Not only do I clearly not know what they're looking for (and I read their story every week, so I don't know why I can't seem to catch on), but trying to write something readable in 800 words is more than I want to try. At least for now.


I really loved this little story. It's another short piece about falling in love despite all the misfortunes that occur and I had a lot of fun writing it. OTOH, I really loved my characters (especially the hero) and was sort of sad that it would only ever by a 900 word piece (because I was CERTAIN WW would take it this time... ha!). Now, though, I have a great opportunity to expand this little story into something bigger. And, I'm strangely excited by that.

Since my "Liv" sequel is giving me fits, I may use this story as the foil to my fantasy as I write for JaNoWriMo next month. I love my fantasy, but it's kind of dark and I need to escape sometimes... this would be perfect.

Speaking of JaNoWriMo, a new month of it starts TODAY. YAY!


I started Dakota on her probiotics yesterday -- I finally found some for dogs, but they are ABSURDLY expensive, so I'm looking into getting people probiotics. I can't imagine (aside from not being liver flavored, lol) that they are all that different. I'll just need to figure out the dosage.

I hope this helps.


This is something I don't like to read... from is predicting snow for the big cities along the Northeast's Interstate 95 corridor early this coming week as a storm races up the East Coast. This storm may be followed by several more as the unfolding weather pattern seems to indicate a stormy February and early March.

It goes on to say one good thing:

On a positive note, unlike the crippling storm that brought destructive icing to the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys earlier this past week, this storm will be quick-moving and only allow for mainly rain and snow. While a little ice can't be completely ruled out, it will not be nearly as big of a threat as it was with the last storm.



Early spring, early spring, early spring... nananananannana!



You Are Copper

You are provocative and challenging. You help people realize who they really are.

You live a very balanced life. You always take time for love and art.

You are both a powerful and generous person. You always have time to give back.

People find you to be incredibly ethical and loyal.

I don't feel very balanced... but if Blogthings says I am, I must be!!



Dru said...

Sorry about the rejection but you're better than WW since they can't seem to figure out how many words they want their stories.

I'm glad that you can expand on this story and hope to see it published.

In the JaNoWriMo, will the participants be able to continue what they've started in January?

I hope the probiotics works for Dakota. Oh, yesterday I was looking at my niece's photos on Facebook and she had a picture of Probiotics. I don't know if it was for humans or animals.

The skies are sunny and our temps will be in the 40s.

re quiz: I'm copper. I do try to balance my life even though my job thinks I should give 80% instead of 50%.

Have a good Sunday.

Allie Boniface said...

Sorry about your rejection, but you're right -- it's probably time to move on. I can't their stories (the ones I've actually read) are anything to crow about.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm with Allie on this one.

I hope the storm passes quickly and without incident.

We used human chromium for our diabetic guinea pig. Our vet checked it out for us and okayed it. Ask your vet about the human probiotics.

MomJane said...

You Are Gold

You are almost universally admired. People strive to be like you.
You are also highly valued. Your friendship, approval, and advice are all considered priceless.

You live an inspiring, fortunate life. Not many people are as lucky as you are.
But you haven't gotten to where you are on luck alone. You are incredibly competitive and ambitious

This doesn't sound like me very much. But they can't really be wrong can they?

Good luck with Dd, and don't put away the long johns. I am putting away all my long sleeve shirts and jackets. We may get rain next weekend, hopefully.

Ceri Hebert said...

I'm copper too. Sure I am.

Sorry about the R, but I've given up on WW too. I read those short stories and some of them are ridiculous, I can't even imagine how they got in the magazine. I'd love to see how these authors fare with big publishers.

I'm already working on my Feb 1st goal. Over half way there. Too easy.

I'm not pleased about that Accuweather bit. Not at all. The state is going to go broke with all this snow removal!

Diane Craver said...

Sorry about the rejection. I love your short stories.

I started submitting to them when their word count was higher and they actually sent me a letter that they were considering one of mine. I was already planning on how I was going to spend the money. LOL They ended up rejecting it. I submitted several to them and only received rejections. I finally decided to give up on WW.

My friend had one published by them a couple of years ago, but hasn't been able to get anything else published with them.

Charity said...

Women's World. Feh. Now you can do something else with the story--that's more than a silver lining.

Keri Mikulski said...

Sorry about the rejection..

We live near each other.. More storms?? Yuck.

Brandy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the rejection.
Crossing my fingers the storms don't hit very hard.
Good luck finding the probiotics you need.

I hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the rejection.

Have you tried just a teaspoon of plain yogurt for Dakota?