Sunday, February 15, 2009

DD and Lemons

It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician. ~Meryl Streep

First off, an update on DD (for those of you not on Facebook): It seems she has a nasty, icky, awful ... cold. It's full of mucus and drainage and is causing her "heavy head" feeling and the pain in her ears (which are clean and lovely according to the doc). She's using saline mist and mucinex and ibuprofen and moaning and groaning. She is not a good sick person. She is truly a drama queen. But, she's not terminal, lol.

Also, the doc said, "I'm not going to give you antibiotics." and I said, "Good, I don't want them." and she was pleasantly surprised because so many folks come in just wanting a prescription for them no matter what. I told her that my DD has never been on them and that I've only used them twice in my entire adult life (and then, only under extreme duress). I hate the things. I found the whole conversation interesting, however.

Unfortunately, DD being sick caused us to miss Dakota's last class before her AKC Canine Good Citizen test on Friday. She really needed the practice. I'm terribly afraid she's going to fail spectacularly.


It's only taken me NINE DAYS to respond to an award I received: the "Lemonade Award" (As in: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."). Lynn Reynolds bestowed it upon me.

She said: A big lemonade award to Marianne Arkins, whose blog introduced me to the insidious joys of blogthing quizzes!


I have so many favorite blogs, it's hard to choose only a few. But for ones that make me smile the most?

Melissa and Mary who almost always post LOLCats, which I love.

Amy with the photo essays on her life.

Brandy with her crazy cat pictures (cats do the darndest things).

Dru with her talk about New York, New York so I can live vicariously (and the pictures of her quilts).

Groovy with her crazy sense of humor. She seldom fails to amuse me.

There are so many more... but it's early on a Sunday so my brain is sleeping in.

Have a great day.

And, in honor of Lynn, here's a quiz!

Your Friendship Style is Independent

You love your friends, but you don't always need them as much as they need you.

You like to do your own thing. Sometimes this means taking a break from your friends and carving your own path.

As long as your friends give you the space you need, you are happy to be there for them whenever you can.

Your friends lean on you for advice and problem solving. You tend to be "the rock."

You and an Empathetic Friend: Go well together. Your Empathetic Friend understand and accepts you... but may be too needy sometimes.

You and a Gregarious Friend: Get along well, as long as your Gregarious Friend is happy to only see you occasionally.

You and another Independent Friend: Have a love / hate thing going on. When you agree, things are blissful. However, more often than not, you butt heads.

You and a Philosophical Friend: Are somewhat a matter of opposites attract. You're both thinkers, but you think very differently.

That's pretty close to right, lol...



Dru said...

I hope DD has a speedy recovery. {{DD}}

I bet Dakota will do great in her Friday's test. Can you practice before Friday?

Thanks for the mention. Anytime you want to come to New York just let me know and I'll customize your tour. Amy wants to do Central Park and Tiffany next.

re quiz: My friendship style is independent. This is more or less accurate.

Have a good Sunday.

Judy said...

I'm the needy Empathetic friend :-) No surprises there.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm glad it's nothing too serious with your daughter, but colds can be SO miserable. I hope she's back to her old self quickly.

Brandy said...

I'm glad your Daughter will soon be feeling better without the aid of anti-biotics. I hope she feels better soon! (Son woke with the same nasty stuff today. Ugh.)
My friendship style is Empathetic. Ookay. *g*
Thanks for the mention, I love sharing my crazy cats with everyone. *G*

I hope you have a good day and can fit some practice for Dakota in soon!

Lynn Reynolds said...

Sorry about your daughter. My son is just recovering, probably from the same nasty bug. And no - he didn't get antibiotics either and I didn't argue about it. His fever was never high enough to be truly dangerous, so I figured I'd wait it out a few days and see if it broke on its own - which it did. A friend of mine was highly offended on my behalf. Said she would immediately find a NEW DOCTOR if hers refused to prescribe antibiotics for a sick child. Oy vey.

Weirdly, the Blogthing tells me I am an "Empathetic Friend," which I believe makes me sound like a character on a Star Trek episode. But at least it didn't tell me I'm egg nog again. . .

Amy said...

Thanks for the shout out, Marianne! Now I have to get on the stick and take more photos...

She is not a good sick person. She is truly a drama queen.

I knew I liked DD.

BTW, I found another one of our dopplegangers on FB (oddly enough, her name is Amy, too). We should start a club.