Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

In Seattle you haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it's running. ~Jeff Bezos

When I told DH my coffee pot was busted (and he tried to fix it, of course -- he's pretty darn handy, but this was beyond even him) he said, "Don't buy any more junk (it was a Target special, lol). Buy what you want and something that's going to last. Merry Christmas."

So... I didn't even stop at Target or WalMart... nope -- I went straight past them and on to Bed, Bath and Beyond. DD kept wanting me to get an espresso machine, lol. I have to admit to being tempted, but just didn't want to go there. Too much of a learning curve *G*.

So, after agonizing (the one thing DH did suggest was that I get something stainless) for quite a long time, and reading all the features (and the warranties!) and touching and caressing all the display models, I selected this (not my picture --it's from -- as a side note, does anyone else remember when Cuisinart meant food processor? "Can I use your Cuisinart?"... yanno, like "Kleenex" means facial tissue?):

**sigh** Isn't it beautiful? It grinds my beans (or would, if I had any... I've been grinding at the store because my coffee grinder also broke, some time ago, and I hadn't replaced it), it filters my water, it has a thermal carafe... my new love.

And, even better... it wasn't an arm and a leg. Just an elbow and my left heel.


Yesterday, my "all promo, all the time" day didn't go as planned. It was DH's fault. And, once I download pictures, I'll tell you why.




Sarita Leone said...

Too funny you chose that coffee maker! You're going to love it. I love mine. :)

Happy Sunday

Dru said...

ooh, I like it. It's cute. That's a great buy. If I was a coffee drinker, I would get one too.

How many cups does the carafe holds? Will you start grinding beans at home now?

Marianne Arkins said...

Thanks... :-)

It's a ten cup carafe, which is perfect and, yes, I'll grind beans as soon as I go through the coffee I already have (I JUST bought coffee, darn it).


It's even quiet when it brews. Well, except for the grinding.

anno said...

Looks beautiful! Could almost tempt me back to drinking coffee again ! ;}

Diane Craver said...

Glad you are happy with your purchase. I am a coffee drinker so when my present one breaks, I'll have to remember the one you bought. LOL

Tori Lennox said...

That's a very spiffy coffee maker!

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty. And thanks. You just gave me an idea what I'm going to get my Mom for Christmas.

Brandy said...

Ooh, it's so shiny and pretty! *G* Too bad I don't drink coffee. Hubs has a cappucino maker he bought at Target last year. And yes, I DO remember when Cuisinart meant food processors. *g*

I hope you have a great Sunday!

Michele said...

It sounds like a
Coffee Commando!!!!

Enjoy your java...

Ceri said...

Congrats! It's beautiful. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years and years.


Judy Thomas said...

I was SO keeping my fingers crossed you'd be able to get a grinding coffee maker. And I will be SO glad to get home where there is like.. RELIABLE internet service. We've made up our minds. We're going the extra mile for the cable modem. No more of this (and M~ starts doing the snoopy dance)

groovyoldlady said...

Oooooooooo. Love the coffee pot AND the quote. (You find the BEST quotes!)