Monday, September 08, 2008

How to Spend an Hour Getting Eggs

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire

Yesterday... I had a sudden craving for cookies and started mixing. Melted the butter and peanut butter (yum), added the sugar. Creamed. Added the eggs... uh... nope. Out of eggs.

Okay, I'll run up to Agway -- a five minute trip to get nice, inexpensive, local eggs.

Turns out the road was closed at the corner. K-Mart shopping center, as well as the entire road was under water from the remnants of Hannah Saturday evening and night. Okay, that's pretty standard. They always flood when it rains. Well, I don't really want to spend $6 on a dozen eggs, but I don't have a lot of choices, so I'll go to the Natural Foods store near my house.

They're closed.

Fine. No problem. I turned around and headed up the other way, by McDonalds. I can go around on the other side of the Kmart Plaza. That's never flooded before.

Nope. Surprisingly, that road is flooded and closed, too. I not only have no way to get to Agway, I can't get to Walmart or the grocery store either. No problem! I go straight past McDs and take the back roads to the second grocery store in the area. I pull in, surprised to see so few cars in the parking lot. But folks are coming out of the store with bags, so it must be open.

Yes... it IS open. But...

They have no electricity. They're allowing people to shop (in the dark), but they've closed off the aisle with all the perishables to keep the cool in until the power comes back on. So, no eggs for me there.

Okay... I'll hop on the highway and go to BJs one exit up. I go out the front of the store, and look to my left.... the entire street's intersection is underwater! Now, THAT I've never seen before. Obviously, it's shut down so I can't get on the highway.

Now what?


Now, I do what I should have done from the beginning -- I call my SIL who lives down the road from me and ask if I can borrow two eggs.


Today's random quiz:

You Are Betty Grable

The ultimate girl next door

You're the perfect girl for most guys

Pretty yet approachable. Beautiful yet real.


anno said...

Horrible Hannah! After all that, how did you have the energy to make cookies? Hope the rain abates today.

Melissa said...

LOL on the eggs! Well, at least you got your cookies!

Dru said...

LOL. How much time did you lose trying to find eggs? When you mentioned your SIL - I was thinking she probably used the last two eggs. I'm glad you were able to finish your cookies.

Tori Lennox said...

LOL! Gives a whole new meaning to egg hunt. *g*

Hey, we've got our twin thing going today. I'm Betty Grable, too!

Brandy said...

Good grief, all that and no place to buy eggs? Hope your SIL had a couple you could use! *G*

According to your quiz, I am Marylin Monroe. HAHAHAHAHA! No.

I hope you're having a delightful day!

Ceri said...

What a treasure hunt! Wow, you guys got dumped on. Not much over our way. No flooding to speak of at all.

You get all the fun. :)

Allie Boniface said...

Oh, that's too funny! Well, hope the cookies were yummy :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope your roads dry soon... We forget how little things can loom large when we can't have them.