Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome Guest Blogger: D. Renee Bagby

Welcome to D. Renee Bagby and a few of the characters from her novel, Adrienne.

Reporter - RPR
Adrienne - ADR
Malik - MLK
Sekhmet - SKH

RPR: Welcome everybody. Today, we're interviewing King Malik and Queen Adrienne of Ulan a kingdom on Bron, which is an alternate Earth. They are the hero and heroine of ADRIENNE, the debut novel of D. ReneƩ Bagby. As a special treat, Sekhmet muse to D. ReneƩ Bagby has joined us today.

SKH: Think of me as a fly on the wall. I'm just here to make sure they don't say anything they aren't supposed to.

RPR: OK. *smiles at Malik and Adrienne* Well, your majesties, how are you today?

ADR: I'm great and you can call me Adrienne. You don't need my title.

MLK: As my lady has dropped hers, you can do the same for me. I am fine as well.

RPR: Adrienne and Malik it is then. So, to get this interview started, how is your baby Adrienne?

ADR: *looks at Sekhmet* Is that allowed?

SKH: *shrugs with a bored look* It's a romance novel. Most people assume you'll be married with kids by the end of the book.

ADR: Oh, well in that case. He's fine. He was born December 01, 2007 admist much pomp and circumstance. The uproar of it all drove me nuts.

RPR: I'll bet. The birth of the royal heir is a big deal after all. Was the dad-to-be nervous?

MLK: Impatient. Mushira would not allow the use of magicks to speed along the birth only to dull Adrienne's pain.

ADR: I was in labor for fifteen hours. There was no pain but it was still frustrating and all the people of the kingdom had the nerve to be partying while I was stuck in bed.

RPR: Where's the baby now?

MLK & ADR: With Mushira.

ADR: She doesn't let him out of her sight.

RPR: And his name?

ADR: He hasn't chosen one yet. We're leaving it up to him. I read him names from books all day long, but he hasn't heard one he likes yet.

RPR: How do you like being a father, Malik?

MLK: It is not as hard as Adrienne's father made it out to be.

RPR: *laughs* You have an entire palace's worth of servants helping you raise him. Of course it's easy. Does that mean the second one is on the way?

SKH: *clears her throat and shifts in her seat*

RPR: I'm not allowed to ask about that?

SKH: Adrienne's future children are not up for discussion as that will carry you into the realm of later books.

RPR: OK. *flips through her cards* Am I allowed to ask about the supporting cast?

SKH: Depends what you ask.

RPR: OK. Let's just skip that then. *flips through more cards* Let's talk about the story itself. You two have read it correct?

ADR: Yes, we have. We enjoyed some parts better than others.

RPR: Did Ms. Bagby stick close to the truth?

SKH: Call her Renee.

ADR: She left out many events but stayed true to reality. In some cases, a little too true. Those parts were hard to read.

MLK: *kisses Adrienne's hand*

RPR: Uh, yes. Many readers wondered about the missing trip to the police station. *looks at Sekhmet*

SKH: *waves her on*

ADR: It was a pain in the butt that didn't need mentioning. I had to sit through a line-up and write down my account of the events then convince them -- with Malik's help -- that I didn't need to be present for the trial. All in all, not worth wasting chapter space.

RPR: So that situation is resolved then?

MLK: Just as was mentioned in the novel.

RPR: Good. I'm sure you're glad that's behind you. The readers were also curious about Malik's family. Besides Lady Piper, are there any other relatives?

MLK: My parents were both only children like their parents before them. Most of the royal lines of both Ulan and Kakra never had more than one or two children or most of the children were killed in an effort to assassinate the heir to the throne. As for Lady Piper, she is as much related to me as Hollace. Her family is descendant from a King Kenji's second wife after Queen Iolani was assassinated.

RPR: Sounds lonely. I'm sorry.

MLK: Until Adrienne entered my life, I had not noticed.

RPR: So, I take it you've visited Adrienne's Earth many times since those mentioned in the novel. What do you think of it?

MLK: Inconvenient, yet interesting. After many visits, I learned Adrienne's Earth is not a null planet. Magicks do not exist there but magic does. As I am a student of magicks, I do not and cannot harness or control the magic of Adrienne's Earth.

RPR: I know a few readers were slightly confused by the difference between magicks and magic. Some even thought it was a typo.

MLK: Magicks are an entity. Some believe it to be one of the original gods who shares his powers -- in fact, pieces of himself -- with those with an aptitude to use it. Magicks must be carried in the users body and they can be exhausted and used up if the user does not replenish in an environment where magicks exist freely. However, using magic is -- from what I understand -- merely a matter of knowing incantations and recipes.

SKH: That's partially true.

RPR: Do you care to elaborate?

SKH: Adrienne's Earth -- otherwise known as the Plain Sight Universe because the supernatural beings hide in plain sight yet are not found out -- has magic but the power and ability to use it is hugely hereditary. It's actually dying out because the people with magically abilities continue to have children with the people without. On the other hand, the Conclave Universe has magic all over the place. Say the right words in the write intonation and sequence and any idiot can cast. It's like a gun, just more dangerous.

RPR: Sounds interesting. Can I ask about the Conclave Universe since you brought it up?

SKH: What do you want to know?

RPR: Will there be a book taking place there?

SKH: Yes.

RPR: What's it about?

SKH: Renee has asked that her books not be discussed until they are contracted. As such, I can't answer that question.

RPR: But there will be books set in the Conclave Universe?

SKH: Yes.

RPR: Will there be other Plain Sight Universe books so we can learn more about where Adrienne came from?

SKH: Renee is working on one right now, though the dynamics of the book don't go much into details about what I mentioned before. However, later books will.

RPR: Interesting. Exactly how many different Earths are there?

SKH: Hundreds of thousands. Renee has only opted to write about seven.

RPR: *looks at Malik and Adrienne* Have you two traveled to any others?

MLK: Portal travel is based on knowledge of ones destination. Without a clear picture of where I wish to go, there is no telling where I would arrive. Add into that equation the increased danger of interdimensional portals and the answer is no.

ADR: I'd like to explore so I can find the Earth that Na--

SKH: Too much!

ADR: Sorry. I'd like to explore, but Malik won't chance it. Though, now -- thanks to this interview -- that we've met Sekhmet, she could give Malik a guiding point to use. *hopeful look*

SKH: Renee already has enough characters jumping dimensions. I'm sure she doesn't want to add you two to the mix, so the answer's no.

ADR: No harm in asking.

SKH: There's a book planned for what you want to know. Just wait for that to release and read it.

RPR: That was cryptic.

SKH: Thank you. I try.

RPR: I think that's our time. Did any of you want to add anything before we say goodbye?

ADR: Feyr says hi and he's sorry he couldn't be here. He's busy with... *looks at Sekhmet* ... stuff.

MLK: I wish to know if we can sit in on your interview with Serenity and Melchior in December. Adrienne and I have read their story as well and I am curious to meet them.

RPR: *looks through her papers* Ah, yes. They do have an interview in December. Like you, it's to celebrate their print release. I have no issues with you showing up part way through that we can focus on them before it gets too crowded.

MLK: Good.

SKH: Are we done. My being here is interrupting Renee's work on her current WIP.

RPR: Oh wait, Sekhmet! I was hoping we could schedule an interview with you and Zenobia.

SKH: I'll think about it. *fades from view*

MLK: *opens a portal behind him* It was nice meeting you and we shall see you again in December.

ADR: Bye.

RPR: *watches them leave* I should have asked if I could visit their palace. Eh, well. I'll catch them next time. *gathers her things and leaves*

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Great job interviewing your characters!

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What a fun post! :)

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I haven't had a chance to read this book, yet, but now it's definitely on my TBR pile. Wonderful job and a fun way of interviewing! Loved meeting your muse, especially! Thanks!! And looking forward to December.

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Very fun post. The book sounds really fun. I will have to read it now.

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What a fun post to read! Thank you!