Monday, May 05, 2008

The Weekend Adventures of Marianne

If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport. ~George Winters

Wanted to do a meme. Couldn't find one that interested me this morning. How sad is that in this blog-world of endless memes?

It's just that I'm terrifically tired...again. I should start doing my blog posts at night instead of in the morning. I did that during NaNoWriMo, and it worked pretty well (Note to self: Write blog at night).

The shopping trip between DD and DH was a stupendous failure. DH simply doesn't understand how to shop. He said, "I walked up and down all the aisles and asked her if she wanted to get you something." **sigh** What he should have done was say things like, "WOW! Look at this! Wouldn't Mommy love THIS?" and DD would have said, "Do you really think so?" And would have held it up and examined it, and thought about it, and then made her decision. In a "world" as big as WalMart, it would have been overwhelming to try to decide on something.

And, so, DD still doesn't have a gift for me for Mother's Day. She's going to be devastated. Maybe I'll make up a little list of things and give it to him, and send him out the door with her again on Saturday. Sheesh.


I did a bit more editing on "Playing House" yesterday. I'm at the point where it's going to need major overhauls and just plain WRITING instead of REwriting. Originally, I had my hero propose to his girlfriend (not the heroine) over New Years, and the heroine found out and was destroyed by that and lots of stuff happened as a direct result. Now, I have him engaged as the story begins, so all of the fallout from the engagement won't work. Thankfully, I did think of a new and different (and hopefully exciting!) conflict to put in its place, but it will be a matter of writing it out, and then hoping I can get it to mesh with the rest of the story that follows.

I really, really, really hate editing. And this story needs more than most since it was the first I'd written (as an adult) and is well behind my learning curve.

That's okay. I think (I hope) it will be worth it.


Yay! The weather is supposed to be decent today!! Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually get some work done outside. Yesterday it POURED down rain until about five o'clock.

We had to take the in-laws truck back to the airport last night. They're flying in today. So, we dropped it off in the same parking lot and then headed to the exit. There was a line of cars. I went up and asked the guy what was going on. Seems his computer was broken and he was waiting for someone.

I said, "I've been her for two minutes, can't you just let me drive out over there?" and I pointed to the other little gate house that was closed.


"But I don't owe you anything. Look at my ticket."


So we sat. And we waited. We were endlessly amused by Dakota, though. Where we sat was right on the edge of the runway, so planes were taking off and landing constantly. And the dog was fascinated. And excited. She'd start to quiver with excitement the moment she heard a plane engine and would look out her window until it went in front, at which time she'd look out the front window and then run to the other side and stick her head out that one until the plane was out of sight. Then she'd hurry back to her window and do it all over again.

Do you suppose she thought they were big birds? LOL...

In any case, after a REALLY long time, they finally got the problem fixed. When it was my turn to go, he ran my ticket in and said, "Two dollars."

Uh. No.

Now, I realize it's just a lousy two dollars, but I didn't owe them anything. I reminded him that the only reason the computer said I owed was because I'd had to sit in line for EVER.

He didn't know what to do. Thankfully, the guy who had come to help him fix the problem DID, once we got his attention. While he was waiting, he grumbled, "I should be on break."

I looked at him and said, "And I should be HOME."


The airport. Always an adventure, even when you're not flying.

We're taking Dakota back for a field trip next week.



Your Slogan Should Be

Marianne. Champagne for the Brain.


Allie Boniface said...

#1: I write my blog posts the night before. It works pretty well.

#2. Yes, give DH a specific LIST and send him back out. They need direction like that.

#3. I still love Playing House and I'm SURE you can resurrect it. I did major overhauls to Lost in Paradise and at times wanted to pull my hair out...but it was worth it :)

anno said...

Marianne. Champagne for the Brain.

Oh, that's perfect! Just love it!
(and I am sorry about your trip to the airport, and Allie's right -- the work you're doing is going to be worth it in the long haul. Good luck!)

Sarita Leone said...

I know the rewriting bits can be a real pain in the behind but it sounds like you're really on top of the situation. I bet the whole thing is going to shine when you're done with it. Good luck!

Judy Thomas said...

Judy. Uncommonly Made, Uncommonly Good.

Men are not shoppers. What I've started doing (and it works well when he remembers to think to look) is on Bob's computer, I have a file titled "Judy's Gift Ideas" and anytime I see something online I would be interested in... I put the link there.

groovyoldlady said...

Between Love and Madness Lies Groovyoldlady


Sherry. Not for Everyone.


Mom. Champagne for the Brain.


Have You Ever had a Bad Time in Sher?


So Easy Groovy Can Do It.


Sherrybell. First Man, then Machine

(I like the first one best!)

Diana Castilleja said...

Sorry about the airport ordeal. At least Dakota had an amusing time.

As for the Mom's Day presents.... If yours will take a list, do it. Every time. Trust me. ;)

Dru said...

Because you're on top of your new story, I think it will great. Keep on writing and it will flow for you.

LOL at Dakota enthusiasm at watching the planes.

Put Up with Dru or Put Up With Anything

Have a good Monday.

Melissa said...

Melissa. It's What's for Dinner.

Too bad about the airport parking lot. But it sounds like Dakota enjoyed it.

Lists are always good and that just might give them some ideas of their own!

Have a good day!

Amy Addison said...

Yes, Blog posts the night before. Definitely. Mostly because I'm not a morning person, but I know a lot of people are. And there's that whole time zone thing working against me.

Ah, see DH did not have a list. Will need further instruction...;)

Hugs on the airport. Another argument for an EDUCATED workforce. At least Dakota had fun.

And on the rewriting...Hugs cuz you don't like doing it. I love rewriting/revision. But if it's an early book, it can only benefit from your acquired knowledge. And you obviously love the story enough to resurrect it. Good luck.

Tori Lennox said...

Tori Keeps Going and Going and Going

Hmm. Today, I just feel like taking a nap. *g*

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear the airport trip was bad. At least Dakota was amusing. *g*
I hear you on the men and shopping. I really don't know one that can do it on their own, without a list.

Good luck with the rewrite.

Brandy: "Hand Built by robots."
Um, ooookay. *G*

Have a nice day!

Chris M. said...

OMGoodness... Judy and I think alike (and how scary is THAT)... my DH has a file on HIS side of the computer too! :-)

Do you have Chris inside?

Umm... not sure what that means... maybe I should take it again and see what it says then...Oooohhh, here we go...

Chrissy keeps going and going and going

which do you think? LOL And I do think Miss Dakota thought they were huge birds.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Whoa... nice slogan! And that would have been my DH, too, in terms of the shopping trip.