Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Review for "A Change of Heart"!

Lookie what I stumbled upon -- another great review for "A Change of Heart" (releasing TOMORROW!):

Four Hearts from Maura at The Romance Studio:

The author of this story packed a lot of story into a small package and does it with great skill. The characters are very real, none of them too perfect or too evil. ... The author does a good job of reintroducing the characters to each other .... Bode is also a great character who realizes just how great Emily really is. He seems to be the one person who recognizes Em’s beauty without having it pointed out to him, making him the smartest person in the story in my opinion. The author does a wonderful job of describing small tourist town life as well.



Michele said...

Awesome review!
And of course you can write about small tourist town life, you have such a great repetoire to draw from.

Hope there are many more great reviews heading your way!

Sarita Leone said...

Great review! Congrats!

And congrats on your upcoming release. :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats! That's a wonderful review!