Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Interview With ME! *G*

The words "I am" are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you. ~A.L. Kitselman

I have finally gotten around to answering the questions Jen sent to me over the weekend (along with very kind words about "The Christmas Curse" -- thanks, Jen!). Here's what she wanted to know:

1. What is your writing/homeschooling day like? How do you fit it all in?

We start school quite early, because the DD and I are both early risers. So, the moment my husband walks out the door, we're in the school room. I'm fortunate that my DD catches on to stuff quickly and has quite a good memory, so daily review goes by quick and easy. Math, language, handwriting, etc. are pretty simple. Where we spend the majority of our school time is on history or science -- this is where she learns something new EVERY DAY, and there is much memorization required (we're actually memorizing The Declaration of Independence right now). Again, I benefit because she is a BIG reader and because I'm naturally an outdoor-sie person, so she interacts regularly with bugs and plants and dirt ... and we talk about why things grow and what animals do. History is fairly easy because she loves the "Dear America" type books, and reads them voraciously.

The hard part for her? Homework. She fights it. She hates it. She'll sit still for two hours when I'm teaching lessons, but she does NOT enjoy homework and papers and worksheets. She does them, but she grumbles.

As for writing, I typically work when she's off grumbling and doing her homework! And it's mostly website work in the morning, before anyone is awake. But, again, all that takes second place to homeschooling her. That's my priority. It is my major "job". Nothing else is more important.

Still, my days are crazy -- every day. I don't take weekends off, ever. So, "How do you fit: homeschooling, writing, cleaning, cooking, and running the reviews website?" --- to that, I answer, "I have NO IDEA."

2. What is your favorite thing about homeschooling your DD? What is the most frustrating thing about homeschooling?

I love being able to give her the special care she needs. I love being the person she turns to with questions. Frequently, I enjoy learning new things with her. When she struggles with a concept, I am thrilled we can stop everything and work on it until she understands. I love that we can skip over the easy stuff and not bore her to tears. I love that we can expand on the curriculum and focus on what she enjoys. I love that I get to go on every field trip and can plan some based simply on what we enjoy.

Frustrating? When I can't seem to teach her a new concept (we did this in second grade with subtraction). Or, when she says that she hates (insert subject here). Or when she moans that she doesn't want to "do" school today. Most of my frustration stems from sometimes feeling inadequate.

3. It's no secret you'd like to move. Where would be your ideal place to move to and why?

My ideal place is actually a place and a time -- so it's not going to happen. But, boy, if I could move back to Northern California thirty-five years ago? I'd go in a heartbeat. Now? I just want to be back out west somewhere. I love the western atmosphere. People are utterly different west of the Mississippi and south of North Carolina. I don't enjoy the attitude of most New Englanders (there are certainly exceptions: Ceri , Allie and Michele being three!). If I wasn't married, and didn't have to take my DH's needs and wants into account, I'd most assuredly move back to California, just because I love the climate, and it will always be home (regardless of how messed up it is nowadays).

4. If you could achieve anything you'd like, what would you like your life to be like five years from now?

After I won $381.9 million in the powerball, I'd be able to fly hither and thither in my private jet and visit my friends and family all over the world without worrying about canceled flights or where to leave my dog and cat while I'm gone.

I'd be able to write daily on my top-of-the-line laptop with no interruptions if I so chose. I'd have a cook and maid and five residences: California, Upstate New York, Arizona, Ireland and Australia.

I'd have fun stuffing hundred dollar bills in the Salvation Army bell-ringers buckets and leaving absurdly large tips when I went out to eat.

I'd have my own masseuse and horse breeding farm, and would squeeze in time speaking at various writers conferences as a New York Time bestselling author in between running my horses in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

Because, if you're going to dream, dream big!

And, hey, if you want to have a self-interview, leave me a comment saying you want to play, and the moment I have a minute, I'll think up some questions to ask you.

I posted yet ANOTHER contest at LASR. This week we're giving away a TON of stuff!! An eBook from Marisa Chenery, an autographed print book from Maureen Fisher, a copy of "Thanksgiving" by Janet Evanovich, AND -- for you YA fans, a "best book" earner: An ARC of "The Luxe" by Anna Godbersen.

Good luck!


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...enchanting as my personality.... Oh, yeah *G*


Allie Boniface said...

Great interview!

Sarita Leone said...

I love interviews like this, where I really feel like I've learned about someone. Your homeschooling day is really interesting. I've actually wondered how that worked for you and your daughter, and now I know. :) Thanks!

Melissa said...

What a nice interview. Thanks for posting that, Marianne and giving us a peek into your day!

Brandy said...

Interesting interview. It's always nice to see how other homeschoolers go about their day.
And you're right, California does have it's own "feel" to it!

Have a good day!

Tori Lennox said...

Great interview!

I'm Hayden Panettiere!

Behold the metallic perfection of Hayden Panettiere's silver mini-dress! She looked sleek and futuristic at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Sparkles and glitter can be totally tacky when they're done wrong, but Hayden's shimmery dress feels both space-age and sexy. You seem like someone who'd rock this look. Even if Hayden's dress isn't exactly your style, getting this result means you know how to choose styles and fabrics that make you shine.

Hey, I'd love to look like the cute cheerleader from Heroes! :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I loved reading the interview, Marianne. Thanks for playing!

Dru said...

Great interview.

I'm Hayden Panettiere

groovyoldlady said...

I'm a grouchy New Englandah. Especially since I just updated my computer and now it underlines all my internet typos in RED and you KNOW how crabby and resistant to change and folks "from away" we mainahs can be...

I enjoyed reading your interview. You can interview me if you so choose...