Friday, November 16, 2007

2480 words, 15242 total

I managed to write again today after TWO days off -- according to my excel spreadsheet, I need to write just over 2500 words a day to meet my NaNo goal of 50,000 words. Can I make it? I have no idea. But I'm still giving it the old college try.

Today, the H/H finally shared a kiss, but were rudely interrupted by an intruder in their camp. And, dang, that blasted dulin sure did come in handy.


Melissa said...

Congrats on getting back into the swing of nano! You can reach 50K! Just keep typing away. One word at a time! Go, Marianne, go!

Dru said...

Excellent word count! You can reach 50K. You can do it. Good luck.