Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Stuff

"The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking." - Robert Schuller

I reviewed the galley for "The Christmas Curse" and it's off to production. Ironically, it was completed first, and will be the one released last! I'm excited -- I love the story. It's another silly story. My favorite kind to write.

I haven't written anything new for a really, really long time. I need to schedule time for writing again. Actually, what I need to do is work on scene ideas for my NaNoWriMo novel, tentatively entitled "The Cartoonist and the Cat Lady". I have my H/H, I have a VERY general story idea, I have two secondary characters (though I'm sure more will show up), I have a loose idea for the conflict... but nothing else. So, I need to do a little brainstorming, hit the NaNo "Dares" board for more (I love that place), and gear up for it.

I still can't believe I'm going to do it. I'm so busy, it's insane. But I truly LURVE NaNoWriMo. It's like a drug. Every year when I finish, I'm ready to do it all again. Now it's only a bit over a month away.

Anyone else going to jump in?


In Pillar Place: Monarch P2, we have nine chrysalis'!! Woo! Two more pillars are nearly big enough and will probably "J" in a day or two.

DD is so addicted to doing this, I expect to have pillar condos next year -- she's determined to go to that field of milkweed that they mowed (hence murdering an unknown number of pillars -- if you figure we got almost thirty from my ten or so plants, then you figure out what a field full would harbor) and find every "bug" we can.

Dear heavens.

Just say "NO".

Yeah, right. I'm weak.


Stolen from Allie (I actually did it yesterday, but thought it was totally cool):


You are Gold!

You're a reliable organizer who can be counted on to implement other people’s ideas and get the job done. You are extremely organized, detail oriented, and self-disciplined. You are the maintainers of society who are best at following through and implementing what others create. You make sure that every 'T' is crossed and every 'I' is dotted. You are self-motivated and usually prefer to be behind the scenes keeping things running smoothly.

You love to serve others by helping them take responsibility and be accountable for their actions. For this reason you are attracted to roles such as manager, elementary school teacher, and police officer, but the list is far greater in the book.
Heavens to Betsy, most of this is spot on... though I can't in my wildest dreams, ever EVER believe I'd make a good school teacher. I've been a manager, and enjoyed it a lot.


What about you?


And, lastly, I introduced the DD to the fun that is Gilbert & Sullivan. I LOVE G&S and Pirates of Penzance is my fave, though I also seriously enjoy HMS Pinafore and The Mikado. Those guys are the kings of irony and sarcasm and sneaky wit.

So... I give you "A Paradox" (unfortunately, this one has subtitles, but it's the only copy I could find from the movie -- yes, it's in English. I guess they thought you couldn't understand the words):


Allie Boniface said...

Oh yeah, Gilbert and Sullivan is way cool.

And double oh yeah, you're entirely insane to be doing NaNoWrMo. This should be fun to watch...


anno said...

NaNo? Well, if anyone can swing it, you can. Me, I'm gonna sit this round out and watch.

Oh, and I'm Blue:

Your heart-felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others. As a Blue personality you are gifted with tremendous people skills.

You're a heart felt communicator who has a strong need to make a difference in the lives of other people. This strength is immediately noticeable in the way you make connections and bring out the best in those you encounter. People usually feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

You love to build self-esteem and make others feel good about who they are. You can easily motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives and reach their potential. This natural talent makes you excel a counselor, teacher, social worker and journalist.

Or at least that's what I got today. Too many of the questions inspired me to think, "well a balance of both, of course!"

groovyoldlady said...

I'd like to do NaNo, but I don't think Mulletman would be very supportive. He sees no point in fiction even existing, so I can't imagine him being thrilled with me spending all my spare time crafting a bazillion word novel in 30 days. I do have some ideas, however...

I wonder if I could do it covertly, somehow. Of course, my mom will be here and Maine will still be quite new to her and so she'll be calling every day.

"Sherry, where's this? Sherry, how do I find that? Sherry it's COLD up here! I had no idea it would be COLD in the FALL!!!"

I'm "primary green" - a creative problem solver who thinks outside the box. Pardon me while I do some outer box crawling to see what I can come up with.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh...and I simply ADORE musicals, but that song...well, it bored me to tears. Oh well, they can't all be winners!

Jen said...

I *might* do nano, but it depends on some other things that I'm not sure about yet.

Melissa said...

I want to do Nano. I try every year, but then deadlines get in the way. This year I have a book due December 1. Unless I get it done by Nov. 1, there's no way.

Dru said...

I've always love Gilbert & Sullivan.

Tori Lennox said...

I got Blue, too. And I can't imagine being any of their suggestions. *g*

I LOVE Gilbert & Sullivan!!! One of these days I'm going get copies of the D'Oyly Carte editions just because I love them so much.

As for NaNo, NO WAY. *g*

Ceri said...

OMG my parents took me to see The Mikado with the D'Oyle Carte down in Boston. It was fantastic. I must say Pirates of Penzance is my favorite-love the Rex Smith, Kevin Kline version. Now I have the Paradox song stuck in my head.

I haven't decided on Nano yet. I may wait to see how I do on my editing for my current wip (which is actually last years Nanowrimo). I really want to since I've had two successful years, but it's such a huge commitment.

We'll see.

I'm primary blue-Your heart-felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others.

Brandy said...

Ohhh, Gilbert and Sullivan. They're musicals are everlasting!

I received Blue for the quiz and, can see SOME of it, but all? Nah. *g*

Best of luck with NanWrMo.

MaryF said...

I had such a blast with Nano last year that I want to do it again. I had blocked out the month, have saved my vampire book for then.

But now I have this new idea I want to write NOW. Why can't Nano be in October?????