Saturday, September 22, 2007

Google Made Me Do It...

"The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination." - Tommy Lasorda

Judy emailed me an in-depth article about optimizing placement on Google, and I got so caught up in it (yes, really!) that I almost forgot to blog. Yikes! Deep down, I must be at least a little bit of geek. Actually, I think it's mostly about the challenge.


Got some editing done yesterday on "A Change of Heart". Only about two pages, though. Nearly every line has something that the editor has commented on, and it's a challenge to meet her requests. The big thing for me, and I thought I had managed to make myself conscious of it (but apparently hadn't), is "it-itis". She's gone through and highlighted every "it" I've used, and asked me to change most of them.

Holy cow.

I've been told this before, and make an effort to not use "it" much, but apparently that all flew out the window this story, cuz there are a TON of them in there.

So, I'm slowly and painstakingly making my way through edits. This story may not see the light of day until I'm fifty, but by golly it's going to be CLEAN! LOL...


We're still looking for reviewers at LASR. If you love reading romance, love sharing your opinions, PLEASE come help. We're up to seventeen reviewers, and could probably use twice that many! Don't be shy. I'm not a meany (no matter what Michele might tell you!).


I'm so excited! Next week, we'll have two prizes at LASR again! We'll be giving away one full length eBook and an autographed print novel. Check back over there on Monday to find out what they are and how to win.


The weather has been gorgeous. DD and DH went out boating and swimming yesterday. The anchored somewhere that had freshwater clams, and DD had a blast digging them up. She got home and told me about them and their trails, so of course I had to find a video showing me how a clam walks. Yes... I found one. You really can find anything online.

What? You want to see it, too? Well, okay, if you insist:

Clam Takes A Walk - The funniest home videos are here


You Should Play the Guitar

You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn. You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed.

You're not really the type to sit patiently through a music lesson - or do things by the book. It's more your style to master the fundamentals and see where they take you.

Highly creative and a bit eclectic, you need a wide range of music to play. You could emerge as a sensitive songwriter... or a manic rock star.

Your dominant personality characteristic: being rebellious

Your secondary personality characteristic: tenacity


Sarita Leone said...

Good luck with your editing. :)

My word is "that"--ugh! How could I use so many "that's"?! Now making a conscious attempt to keep the word use to a minimum, LOL!

groovyoldlady said...

It could be that it is your that your mind works faster than it can convey its thoughts to your hands so you can type it.


OK...hand me my accordian because:

You are eccentric, funky, wacky... definitely one of a kind.
People have trouble putting you in any one particular category. You definitely have your own thing going on.

You are a born entertainer. No wonder you'd be perfect as an one man (or one woman) band.
Your musical influences likely cross all genres - and blend together in a very unusual way.

While you are definitely offbeat, you also enjoy tradition and influences from the past.
It's just your style to take an old fashioned instrument like the accordion and make it uniquely yours.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your total inhibition

Your secondary personality characteristic: your interest in obscure activities and subjects

anno said...

Apparently, I should play the harp! I can't believe I missed this opportunity. I just saw a 36-string floor harp on e-bay for a mere $2900. My husband will be thrilled.

Good luck with your editing. I hope you have a productive, peaceful weekend.

Tori Lennox said...

There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a geek. :)

Even though I know it's wrong, I use a lot of "that"s. Then there's all the grinning and laughing that goes on. *rolling eyes*

I'm a guitar girl, too. :)

Dru said...

I use a lot of it's and its when I write reports and have to go back and put the actual words to make it clearer.

I Should Play the Harp

You are a sensitive soul, with a great admiration for beauty.
You definitely have what it takes to make beautiful music, but most instruments are too harsh for you.

You are subtle, shy, and even a bit spoiled. You're very picky about most aspects of your life.
It's just your style to play an eccentric, hard to transport instrument like the harp that few people consider.

Overall, you have the relaxed demeanor of a leisurely upper class person, and your music would reflect that.
Your calm yet soulful harp playing would be sure to help people forget their troubles for a while.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your zen-ness

Your secondary personality characteristic: your quiet independence

Brandy said...

Not being a writer, I don't have to worry about over-using words, but I do know I over-use hope and great. I can find replacements for great, but Hope? Not as easy.

As for the Quiz, I received Guitar, which I have played, but could never make the calluses needed. I have also played piano and the drums. *g*

I HOPE you have a relaxing sunday!

Jen said...

I'm a guitar player too, and I also have a magnate's manor, but I have a lambada room rather than the formal dining room, lol.