Friday, April 13, 2012

This and That

Last night I dreamed someone stole Dakota out of my car at the gas station. I was looking at the security video, holding her leash and hoping she'd just jumped out. Then I saw this guy grab her, crying and struggling, from the back seat of my car. It upset me enough I woke up, heart pounding.

I'm still upset and keep looking to make sure she's right here with me.

In other news, I thought I'd share some pictures from my street from my latest walk.

My neighbor has an old bird's nest in his tree -- I know it's from last year, because the year before it was there but got ruined over the winter, so the birds must have rebuilt it. I hope they move in again this year. I'm going to try to remember to check it again in a few weeks...

We have this strange phenomena that happens every now and then -- this ant swarm thing. On the edges of the road, there are cracks and sometimes, from these cracks we get ants.

Lots and lots of ants...

I don't know why. It's the strangest thing. I suppose I could Google it.

DH has a co-worker who has a bazillion strawberry plants that he's going to share with us. I said to DH, "Didn't you tell me growing strawberries out here was hard because the birds and beasts get them?" and he responded, "What plants of yours DON'T the birds and beasts get to?"

Uh. Yeah. There is that.

So we're going to grow strawberries.

And lastly, if you haven't already, go congratulate Maria Zannini on her latest contract. She's had a rough time of it lately (parvo, tornadoes, computers) so the good news was a welcome change.

Have an awesome weekend!



Maria Zannini said...

Aw, thank you.

Ref: Dakota
I get dreams like this every once in a while too. I guess it's our fear of losing our babies or the fear of not being able to protect them.

I've been getting them a lot myself.

Thanks for the lovely mention.

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

I hate dreams like that.
Oh well, maybe the creatures will share their strawberries with you, hehehe.

Dru said...

When I have dreams like that, I'm very cautious.

Have a great weekend!

Melissa McClone said...

Hugs on the scary dream. Enjoy the strawberries!

Brandy said...

I bet you're hugging Dakota a lot right now. And I don't blame you! Very scary dream!
We have a strawberry plant out back that we planted two years ago. It's back for it's third spring and doing okay. And I just purchased another strawberry plant, but it's in a hanging planter. Maybe you could use something like that?

Congratulations to Maria Zannini!

Have a fabulous weekend!