Monday, April 16, 2012

I Really Dug My Weekend!

Honestly, the weather was lovely, so I spent most of it on outdoor chores. Take a walk with me...

This is going to be our strawberry patch (this picture was taken on Saturday morning):

This one is as far as I managed to go before I ran out of steam (I don't use a tiller for many reasons too numerous to list -- plus I wanted some of the grass):

Here's what I wanted the grass for -- to plug some spots where the Japanese Beetle grubs attacked last year (we're investing in milky spore this year -- it's been ten years since we applied it last time, and it's clearly run its course):

I found a mama spider when I was digging ... I felt just awful messing with her "house". She's guarding her egg sac here. They actually carry the egg sac around with them and I didn't want her to get so freaked out that she left it behind, so we built her a little "house with rocks where she could hide while we finished. I think she appreciated it :-)

The daffodils around my well pump are blooming and look lovely:

But we're already having visitors (that's a deer print for you city folk):

I found these odd holes in some of the spots the grubs killed -- I think they're from the robins (who are eating the grubs -- GO ROBINS!):

We still have a LOT of work to do, but DD got her garden cleared:

And we'll get peas and spinach and chard seed planted this week.

All in all a pretty good weekend.

How was yours?



Maria Zannini said...

I love spring, even if it does leave me worn out and bruised--and nervous as my post today will prove.

Angelina Rain said...

Yuck, spider! Creepy looking thing.

Besides that, the pictures were lovely. Love the flowers blooming.

Brandy said...

That was an interesting spider! You accomplished a lot this weekend! We have more weeds this year than we've ever had. I dislike doing it, but we're going to have to put down some weed killer, there are just too many for me to pull in the back.
Can't wait to see pictures of beautiful things growing in your gardens!

Dru said...

I couldn't post earlier because the pictures wouldn't show, but wow at the deer print and the robin holes.

You're a braver person than me for keeping the spider.

Allie Boniface said...

Love all the pics! Hope this weekend's temperature dip doesn't affect any of your plants.