Monday, April 02, 2012

Accentuate the Positive

Spent a good part of the weekend filling out DD's application for the new school. It's not just a matter of "name, address, phone number". They ask those tough questions (like the ones we hear in job interviews, ala "Why should I hire you?").

DD fell to pieces yesterday trying to write a one page essay on "What do you have to offer our school?"

She has a tough time seeing the small bites it takes to eat an entire meal (and, no Michele, once again it's not about food *G*) and only a huge plate of lima beans and beef liver that she doesn't want.

Yeah, essays about your good points are like that.

You ever realize how hard it is to talk about yourself in a positive way? To say, "I'm smart." or "I'm creative." or "I'm capable." or the absolute hardest thing to say about yourself, "I'm pretty."

It's very sad.

Worse, when my DH and I had to sit down and fill out questions on her strengths and weaknesses HE had a hard time coming up with any. About broke my heart.

I have a laundry list.

Is she perfect? No, she's far from it. She's not a self-starter. She's not very good at problem-solving. She's stubborn and has a quick temper. She tends to be a little lazy and has no problem walking right past something that needs doing without even seeing it.

BUT... she's also amazingly intelligent. She loves to learn. She's creative and clever and loves to work with her hands. She's funny and nurturing and has a heart as big as Alaska. She's my wonderful daughter, and she's beautiful.

After her big meltdown about the report, I asked her what her strengths were. After she stared off into space and finally answered, "I don't know." I prompted her a bit. And then told her to make an outline for the report with her strengths and how the manifest in her life.

Small bites.

She got that done, thankfully. Her job tonight and tomorrow is to make that outline into an essay.

The fun never ends.

How was your weekend?



Sarita said...

Weekend here kind of bumpy. But it's Monday, a new week and anything can happen.

Your daughter should remember she has a huge heart, is a good person and really does make a positive difference in the world. I know that; I'm reminded every single time I wear a perfect orange bracelet.

Hope the essay writing goes well. Big hugs!

Angelina Rain said...

Poor kid. Those "I'm so great" essays are so hard to write. Most people don't see their true greatness until others point it out to them. And it's sad because the people who do brag about just how amazing they are aren't really amazing or great, just stuck up and self centered.

I'm glad you pushed her to see some of her great qualities.

Melissa McClone said...

Hugs! That has to be hard. We went through the same thing for our daughters app, then came the interview. Hubby might not thing she's perfect, but pretty darn close!

But baby steps is the way to get it done. Good luck!

I spent my weekend at a romance writing mini-conference. My RWA chapter's Spring Intensive. It was fun! I even stayed at the hotel two nights.

Dru said...

It's the same as filling out a job application.

My weekend was quiet and I spent the weekend reading which I enjoyed.

Brandy said...

My Daughter has a hard time voicing herself sometimes.I don't know if it's a generational thing, or whether it's just hard for anyone to do so. You did a good thing, breaking it down into "small bites". Good Job, Mom!
Hope today went well!

Diane Craver said...

When I read what you wrote about your daughter walking past something that needs doing without even seeing it is so TRUE of kids. I read once that they REALLY do not see the mess and etc. Their brain doesn't work this way.

You are such a good mom. Hope the essay goes well.