Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This and That

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Yesterday I had one of my most productive days, work-wise, in a long time. Not sure what the difference was, but I *felt* organized and efficient, and it apparently reflected on what I was doing. I'm still behind, but not as badly. Mostly my "behind-ness" is related to creating book videos, which takes an absurd amount of time. But that's okay, I'm getting there!

DD is learning to sew at Grandma's house. She's helped make some Barbie clothes, and she's very excited. Maybe the sewing gene skipped a generation? I hope so, because one of us should like and know how to sew. I can do the bare minimum, but it's just never been anything that excited me. I might should look into getting better at it (and getting a sewing machine) because it would certainly be a money-saver, and I'm all over that, even if all I make are hair scrunchies and pillow cases.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up two huge bottles of multipurpose contact lens cleaner for free (after coupon and rebate). I really love couponing ... and mostly I try to get stuff I'd use, but I couldn't pass this up. My DH is the only one here who wears contacts, and he uses gas permeable (aka "hard") lenses, so doesn't use the solution. I asked around, couldn't find anyone to take it. I didn't want to toss it -- that defeats the purpose. But, wow, was it hard to find someone who wears contact lenses that I knew. Yesterday, it finally found a home with my neighbor's SIL.

Now I have about 15 bottles of aspirin I got for free that need a home...

Today, I'm hoping to get out and weed a little before it gets too hot, but I have to take DD to the bead store -- she got a custom order request for some earring, and we don't have the right beads.

Wishing you all a wonderful, refreshing summer day. I'm getting to your blogs, a few at a time ... and I swear, when I'm caught up I'm going to STAY caught up!


You Are a Nose Smiley

You are a very detailed oriented person. You feel happiest when all your ducks are in a row.

You are conventional and orthodox. You are the most normal person you know.

You like to work hard, but you also value your downtime. You seek balance in your life.

You are smart to the point of being a genius. You are very learned.

That's me ... smart to the point of being a genius... :::pats self on back:::... LOL!



Dru said...

You Are a Classic Smiley

You are an easygoing person who is easy to love. You have a truly friendly spirit.

You are excited by new people. You're always looking to expand your circle of friends.

You don't think you're anyone special, but you have a real knack for making others smile.

You make things fun for other people. Your light-heartedness is contagious.

This is accurate, scary but accurate.

I remember the first skirt (denim with the attached big) and the doll clothes I made.

Have a good day. Stay cool!

Brandy said...

My Mom made sure I knew how to sew, but I'm just not that good at it and I'm a tad scared of my sewing machine. I can make catnip toys and pillows and pillowcases, but that's about it.
My results were the same as Dru's.

Glad to hear yesterday was a good day for you!

Hope today is just as good!

Tori Lennox said...

We don't have the patience for the extreme couponing here. Plus we don't really have any stores that offer good deals on coupons.

Maria Zannini said...

I completely forgot that DD now has a nearby grandma.

That's win-win.

Sarita said...

I love it that your daughter has her grandmother living so close now. I imagine they will share so many close moments, and teach each other so much.

So great that there's sewing going on! You know that's one of my favorite topics. :)

Na said...
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