Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back To School Shopping

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey

More crazy weather yesterday. Thankfully, up here we only had a little rain, but south of us got hammered with tornado-like weather again (including poor Springfield, MA -- and they're still trying to recover from the tornadoes last month).

My friend, Michele, lost three trees in her yard -- the top of a very large maple broke off and took down a nearby birch and pine.

Scary stuff. I can't get over this weather -- we aren't exactly in tornado alley, yanno?

In other news, I went school supply shopping yesterday. I'd already gotten some random things at Staples a couple weeks ago (they had a screamin' sale), but this time I landed at WalMart. Binders, paper, liquid paper, glue, folders, pens and pencils, erasers... oh my!!

When I was in school, the school provided most of that stuff. We brought folders (I had Pee Chee Folders ... remember those? They were uber cheap, like $0.03 / each) and binders and that was about it. School provided paper, pens, scissors, glue, etc.

I think what boggles my mind nowadays is that the school system actually gets more money, but the parents have to supply more stuff. When I was in school, I played the flute -- and the school provided the instrument. I was in sports, and the school provided the uniform and transported us to games.


We haven't done clothes shopping as the school is adjusting their dress code slightly. We'll get the new on on August 1st. And then the fun truly begins...

Today, we're going to go see "MegaMind" at the Regal Summer Film Festival. Um, whee?

Have a great day!


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Sarita said...

I hope your daughter is enjoying getting set to go to school. I always love browsing in the school supplies. I hope you both had fun!

Clothes shopping...could be great fun!

Hope your day goes well.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

MegaMind is a cute movie. Seen it lots of times. You might actually like it.

Be grateful you aren't clothes shopping for boys. They tear through stuff. Like crazy fast.

But the schools? Having worked in one...they might get more money, but they have wicked high operating costs. Yeah, i know so does everyone else. But they have to pay people, too and unfortunately those teachers ain't cheap. Sucks, but it's life. And the fact that kids now need so much more crap than we ever did.

Brandy said...

We haven a lottery in our state where a certain percentage of proceeds is supposed to help supplement the schools and yet every year I notice that the lists of things that parents are required to purchase for their kids gets longer and longer. Why do schools need 2 boxes of tissues from each student?

My quiz results said I was rebellious. Um, no. *g*

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

Laurence Brown said...

Cool! That is one of my favorite part when I was young, shopping!!! school supplies, clothes, shoes and relaxing before the beginning of classes. Kids nowadays will surely enjoy it.

Tori Lennox said...

The amount of stuff kids have to have these days is insane! I have friends/family who refuse to buy anything until the school year starts because they end up not needing half the crap they're told to buy. Total waste of money.

Dru said...

I remember my niece getting a list of supplies they would need from the school. Did the school give you a list of what they need?

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This is 30% accurate.

I hope you had a good Wednesday.

MJFredrick said...

Here's the sad thing on the school supplies--not everyone brings them. I keep a list of who in my class brings what, and when we run out, I send reminders to those parents. Sadly, I usually end up buying what's needed. And 2 boxes of tissue? We had that, AND a free box of tissue for each kid and were through it by February.

Now, there are things like baggies and hand soap and things like that that I find excessive. But 2 packs of pencils and tissue? Yeah, we use them.