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Welcome Guest Blogger: D. Renee Bagby

Reporter - RPR
Serenity - SER
Melchior - MCR
Adrienne - ADR
Malik - MLK
Sekhmet - SKH

RPR: Well, here we are again with another character interview. This time they are from D. Renee Bagby's novel Serenity, published with Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Out now in ebook and due out in print January 27, 2009. Welcome, Queen Serenity and King Melchior.

SER: Hello.

MCR: *nods*

RPR: Also here is Sekhmet, the overseer who will make sure we don't have any spoilers in the interview.

SKH: *waves to the audience* Just pretend I'm not here.

RPR: That didn't work last time, I don't think it'll work this time. And we have special guests Adrienne and Malik from the last interview.

ADR: Hello again, everybody.

RPR: They expressed an interest in meeting Queen Serenity and King Melchior so Sekhmet has graciously allowed them to be here today. And last but not least, we have a very special suprise guest. Chigaru, Serenity's head guard.

CHG: *whispers* Thank you for allowing me to be here as well.

RPR: Not to slight the royals but I have to start with you, Chigaru. According to the book, you don't talk much. Why would you want to be here at this interview?

CHG: I am merely observing. I wish to have experience when my time comes.

RPR: Oh yes, you have a book scheduled as well.

CHG: Yes.

RPR: Is there anything you care to tell us about it?

CHG: No.

RPR: *looks a little flustered* Um... okay. *clears her throat* Moving on then. Queen Serenity and King Melchior, you've both been given an opportunity to read Renee's novelization of your lives. How do you think it compared to the actual events?

SER: I chanced to read Adrienne and Malik's interview. My answer is much the same as theirs. It was eerily true to life and some parts were very hard to read.

MCR: I am sorry, Serenity.

SER: *smiles at Melchior and pats his hand*

RPR: *looks at her notes* About that. I actually have a reader question if you care to hear it.

MCR: Please.

RPR: One reader asks and I quote, "Where do you get off treating Serenity the way you did?"

MCR: I believe Renee presented the explanation for my actions within the chapters of her novel. There is more to the explanation. However... *glances at Sekhmet and then Chigaru* I am not at liberty to divulge it.

RPR: Oh ho, does that look mean it has something to do with Chigaru's story then?

CHG: Yes. It is the entire plot.

RPR: Wow, I didn't think King Melchior's behavior would need a whole other book to explain it.

SKH: Renee likes to make things convoluted. You should see her current WIP. The twist at the end is enough to make your short and curlies knot up.

RPR: Can't wait. *flips through her notes* Well, from the last interview, I already know there are certain things I can't ask about. But I do have two other questions before I turn the interview over and let you all converse amongst yourselves. First, can I visit your palace? Gezane sounds like a great place and I'd love to see it up close. *looks at Adrienne and Malik* I'd love to visit Bron as well.

SER: I am always happy to have guests.

MCR: It is Sekhmet who brought us here so it is ultimately up to her.

SKH: Short controlled visit.

MLK: We do not need to go through Sekhmet, so anytime you wish, you need only tell me.

RPR: Thanks so much. My second question - are you happy?

SER: *gives Melchior a loving look* Very.

MCR: My life has become much easier and more fulfilling since admitting my feelings to myself and my kingdom.

RPR: *sighs wistfully* It's hard to believe, looking at you now, that you two had such a rough start.

SKH: Wait until Chigaru's book comes out. The start wasn't the only thing that was rough.

RPR: Are you saying we'll see more of Queen Serenity and King Melchior's relationship in Chigaru's book?

SKH: Of course. He lives in the palace and is the head of her personal guards. Serenity and Melchior's continued relationship will be on full display.

RPR: Now that sounds intriguing. I take it there's trouble in paradise.

SKH: You'll just have to wait and see.

RPR: The suspense is already getting to me. Well, that's all the time I have. I'm leaving to let the royals get better acquainted. Thank you all for coming to this interview.

SER: I'm pleased you wished to speak with us.

MCR: I am sorry we couldn't impart more.

RPR: Hopefully next time we can get Renee or--

SKH: *fades from view*

RPR: Darn it! She did it again. I will get an actual interview out of her eventually. *huffs*

ADR: *chuckling* Maybe you should leave well enough alone.

CHG: *stands, bows to everyone, and leaves the room*

RPR: Don't forget, you owe me an interview after your book releases, Chigaru!

CHG: *stops and nods back at her and then continues on his way*

RPR: Was that a yes?

SER: Yes.

RPR: Well, you four enjoy the time together Sekhmet has allowed you. I guess when I do Chigaru's interview, I'll be seeing Queen Serenity and King Melchior again. I look forward to that. Goodnight and thank you.

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