Monday, April 15, 2013

This is One Improperly Named Plant!*

Yesterday, I dug up a 4x4 plot of my butterfly garden.  Last year, I'd let the "Obedient Plant" grow (normally I pull it up, you'll understand why shortly) because it's just lovely, and the butterflies and bees really love the flowers.

However, as I was edging grass, I discovered obedient plant roots.  So, thought I'd edge it back from the garden a bit.  When I jabbed the shovel in -- I discovered a carpet of roots!  The entire garden was now filled with obedient plant, to the exclusion of all else.

The obedient plant is MASSIVELY invasive and, while lovely, certainly doesn't belong in a garden that is limited in size.  I ruthlessly dug and pull out roots and more roots and more roots ... in fact, I filled up my five-gallon bucket THREE times and had piles of roots left over.

And, worse, I'm sure I've missed some.  So, this year, I'll make a point of weeding any and all obedient plant out of my butterfly garden.  I'll plant liatris instead.

Now I just have to pray I didn't destroy any milkweed roots that might have been in there...

Spring has sprung!


anno said...

Hooray! You're back! And gardening!

Not that I don't sympathize with the challenges of dealing with invasive plants, but... I am a little envious that you've any kind of weather that invited you out of doors. Here, we're still waiting. If the rain/sleet ever stops, there is some spinach I'd like to start.

Good to see you -- welcome back!

Marianne Arkins said...

Anne... barely gardening ... really things aren't even above ground yet (which is why it was all roots I pulled up), but as soon as the snow is melted, I get the itch.

Brandy said...

Those do look pretty, but between your story and Michele's I'm now Leary of planting flowers!