Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If It's Snowing, It Must Be Wednesday

Fly fishing for trout is like raising children. You never know what's going to happen next. - Jimmy D. Moore

It's snowing this morning. Not a lot, but it was supposed to be rain last I looked. I jinxed it by putting DD's swings back on her swingset yesterday afternoon because it was so warm and sunny. I even started scooping dog poop from the exposed spots on the lawn -- that is the true meaning of spring. *G*

Dakota went into the vet yesterday and FINALLY got her shots, including the one for kennel cough, so she's finally able to go back to her agility class. YAY! She's really suffered from no doggie interaction, no agility, no dog park. She's a very social dog, and it really impacted her.

Got a bit more done on "Now and Forever". For those of you who've read "Kitchen Matches", this next story is Cori's oldest brother, Zach's story. I also have about half of the next brother's story done (Working title: Drive Me Crazy). That one is about Nick. I only have one other unmarried brother after that... It's fun to write about the same characters. It's a bit like visiting friends.

Yesterday, DD went to a friend's house. She went while I was at the vet with Dakota -- and I told her to leave me a note with an X if she was picked up by her friend (and not, yanno, kidnapped ... yeah, I have a vivid imagination). This is what I came home to:

Yes, the X is there -- but also a ransom demand: "If you want to see me again, you must make mashed potatoes".

She cracks me up. And, yes, I made them -- but only because I'd planned to anyway.

I love my DD.


You Are Rational

You are a very meticulous and organized person. You strive toward minimalism as much as possible.

You are both fussy and discriminating. You find yourself attracted to the simpler choice.

You are a very wholesome person. You have your own set of ethics, and morality matters to you.

Well put-together and elegant, you sometimes seem standoffish. You aren't a snob, but you do have high standards for yourself.

That's pretty close to right on... weird.



Dru said...

Love the note and her request.

Why are you still getting snow? Tell it to go away.

You Are Sophisticated

You are well known for your sense of style. You tend to influence others without even meaning to.

You are a trendsetter and a spotlight stealer. Even when you're just laying low, people notice you.

You may have a high social status, but you are still accessible. In fact, you are quite warmhearted.

You are always ready to make a new friend, and you don't judge based on appearances.

This is not me at all.

Have a good Wednesday.

Maria Zannini said...

That DD is a card. LOL.

Ref: I'm glad you're doing a series on the Weathers' family. It would totally work.

Brandy said...

Your DD is funny! Sorry to hear about the snow. Hopefully it will warm up for you soon. Sounds like the writing is moving along-good!

My results were the same as Dru's and SO VERY WRONG. *g*

I hope you have a Blessed day!

Tori Lennox said...

I love DD's ransom demand!!! :)

Angelina Rain said...

I was warm and sunny here in Chicago today. My hubby actually barbequed tonight’s dinner and it was some good eating! I’m glad Dakota gets to socialize again. My dog is very social so every time I leave the house to take him for a walk, he stops by my car and sits there, because he thinks he’ll get to see his doggy uncle and friends. I’m glad you made DD her requested food, now send the leftovers my way. I’m a mashed potato addict.